Pricing Plan - App Development

The price range based on complexity and features, along with the corresponding hourly rates for
MKB (Medium-sized and Small-sized Business) projects:

1. Basic/Simple App:

Price Range: €2,500 – €10,000
Hourly Rate: €50 – €80 per hour

  • Minimal features and straightforward functionality.
  • Basic user interface design.
  • Limited integration with external services or APIs.

2. Medium Complexity App:

Price Range: €10,000 – €50,000
Hourly Rate: €80 – €100 per hour

  • More advanced features and functionalities.
  • Improved user experience with custom UI/UX design.
  • Integration with APIs and third-party services.

3. Complex App:

Price Range: €50,000 – €250,000
Hourly Rate: €100 – €150 per hour

  • Extensive features and high levels of customization.
  • Advanced UI/UX design and interactive elements.
  • Multiple integrations with external systems and databases.

4. High-End/Enterprise App:

Price Range: Custom Quote
Hourly Rate: €150 – €200+ per hour

  • Highly complex and sophisticated features.
  • Enterprise-level security and scalability.
  • Customizable and adaptable to specific business needs.

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